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Finger Cots

Finger Cots (also known as finger condoms, finger frock, or finger stall) Available in Blue or Latex Free in various boxes. Finger Cots, Rolled, bulk and wholesale to protect injuries and keep finger bandages dry and covered. Keep injured fingers protected and moisture free with these finger cots, designed for food service and processing. The flexible cots cover bandages and other dressings on fingers to keep dirt and moisture out. Ideal for hard-to-bandage fingertips.

Finger Cots - keep moisture out of healing finger wounds and help hold bandages in place during wet or intricate tasks.

Medical Finger Cot Information

A finger cot is a medical supply used to cover one or more fingers in situations where a full glove is unnecessary. Like medical gloves, finger cots may be made from a variety of water-tight materials including latex, nitrile rubber, or vinyl

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