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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • New Year's Eve Safety


    It's all over the news, blogs, just about everywhere... Tips on "How to have a safe New Year's Eve" - We all know the basics.

    ~ Don't Drink & Drive.

    ~ Don't take a ride from someone that has been drinking.

    ~ If on foot, wear bright colors and carry a flashlight or glowstick.

    ~ If around fires or fireworks, be cautious, safe, and prepared for burns.

    ~ It's a cold year - dress warmly, carry body warmers, and avoid Frostbite.

    After taking precautions, and while being wise... most importantly, have a very, very Happy New Year!

  • Tips on Treating Chemical Burns

    Image with instructions on treating a chemical burn

    • Call 9-1-1 or EMS immediately.
    • Gently brush away any excess powdered chemicals from the skin, being careful not to get the chemical on you or elsewhere on the casualty. Be especially careful of the eye area.
    • Immediately flush the remaining chemicals off the burned area with copious amounts of running water for at least 15-20 minutes. Use a shower, hose, or any available water faucet. Continue to flush with water while carefully removing any clothing from the burned area.
    • Place a clean, sterile dressing over the burn area.
    • Burns from various chemicals require specific first aid care. Check the Material Safety Data Sheet and/or product label for treatment recommendations. Give these MSDS (now often called just SDS) instructions to Emergency Medical Personnel when they arrive.


    Also read: General Burn First Aid Information

    Content excerpted from the Urgent First Aid Guide used by permission Copyright 2013
    All Rights Reserved. Get a full copy of the First Aid Guide for under $1!

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  • Using an Epinephrine Pen

    Image of Epinephrin PenThe following are steps for using an epinephrine pen during an anaphylactic emergency. Only trained, certified personnel should administer an EPI-pen to a casualty, but an untrained responder may assist in accessing and self-administering.

    1. Retrieve the Epinephrine Pen.
    2. Remove the safety cap and check the solution. If the clear liquid is discolored or brown, do not use the pen. If the seal has been broken previously, because liquid is present on the pen, do not use the pen.
    3. Wrap your fist around the middle portion of the pen. Do not touch the outer ends!
    4. To give the injection, place the pen tip firmly against the casualty’s thigh, between the hip and knee area. The injection can be given through clothing. Do not inject into the buttocks or other area. Do not inject into a vein.
    5. Continue to hold the pen in place for several seconds to allow all the medication to be delivered.
    6. Massage the injection site to further distribute the medication.
    7. Read package for disposal instructions.
    8. Continue to monitor and calm the casualty until medical personnel arrive to take over care.

    Content excerpted from the Urgent First Aid Guide used by permission Copyright 2013
    All Rights Reserved. Get a full copy of the First Aid Guide for under $1!

  • On the Road in Winter

    Ten Below – Deluxe Winter Road Warrior Ten Below – Deluxe Winter Road Warrior

    Driving and walking can become extremely hazardous due to icy conditions, snowfall accumulation, low visibility, or extreme cold. People may need to stay at home or work without utilities or other services, until driving is safe.

    Stay off the road during and immediately after a winter storm if possible, as well as during winter weather advisories or watches.

    If driving is necessary, follow these tips from America’s PrepareAthon! to prepare for travel:

    • 1) Ensure you have emergency supplies of food and water, warm clothing, and a full tank of gas;
    • 2) Try to travel during the day and not travel alone;
    • 3) Stay on main roads; and

    Let someone know your destination, route, and expected arrival time.

  • Day After

    Grinch-2The Day After Christmas brings many things...

    Of course, there are after Christmas Sales and Shopping - and the risks of threat and injury that come along with the masses at malls and outlets - if you are venturing out to save yourself broke, remember to lock your car, watch your wallet, and always be aware of your surrounding... including being aware of exit and emergency escape paths.

    If you are staying home and taking down decorations, remember basic electrical safety and ladder safety principles.

    If you celebrated a little to much, remember to drink a lot of water and replenish your electrolytes... dehydration is a killer.

    It has been a Merry Christmas, let's keep the rest of the Holiday Season safe, sane, healthy and fun!

  • Merry Christmas


  • Oh Ho Ho

    ChimneyUp on the housetop reindeer pause,
    Out jumps Good Old Santa Claus
    Down through the chimney with lots of toys
    All for the little good girls and boys

    Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn't go? Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn't go?
    Up on the housetop, click, click, click
    Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick

    First comes the stocking of little Nell
    Oh, dear Santa fill it well
    Give her a dolly that laughs and cries
    One that will open and shut it's eyes

    Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go? Oh, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go?
    Up on the housetop, click, click, click
    Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick

    Next comes the stocking of little Will
    Oh, just see what a glorious fill
    Here is a hammer and lots of tacks
    A whistle and a ball and a whip that cracks

    Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn't go? Oh, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go?
    Up on the housetop, click, click, click
    Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick

  • Holiday Surprises

    Everyone likes a Holiday Surprise... well we got ours!

    For our Company Holiday Event, we were just told to arrive at the Company Building for a 7:00 AM Saturday departure and that we would be back Sunday evening around 8:00 PM (It actually ended up closer to 10:00 PM.) Clues were posted on the Employee Bulletin Board each day for a Month... but the clues still left use clueless (they ALL make sense now, Ha Ha!)
    We were told to dress for any type of weather (layers) to wear comfortable shoes, and to bring something nice for dinner... away we went!

    What an awesome time - Solvang Danish Village, Suites for all at the Cambria Pines Lodge, The Cambria Christmas Market, a Holiday light show like none of us have ever seen (it went on for miles!) and great Dinner and dancing...then Hearst Castle the following day... wow. We were overwhelmed (and a bit wiped out for work Monday!)

  • Holiday Safety

    holiday-safety-2Nobody is going to be paying any attention in the next few days, so here's our last bid at getting you to have safe as well as happy holidays...

    CHRISTMAS TREES: ? BEFORE purchasing, check for freshness to minimize fire hazard of dry needles. ? BEFORE mounting a tree in the house, cut base so it can absorb water. ? Place tree away from fireplaces and other heat sources. Read about Christmas Tree Fires (NFPA Fact Sheet) & Selecting and Caring for your Real Tree (Nat'l Christmas Tree Assoc.)

    DECORATIONS: ? Lights that are Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) approved for (exterior use.) Exterior lights, unlike those used inside the house, need to be weather-resistant. The same goes for any extension cords used outdoors. Don’t use outdoor lights indoors. They’re too hot for interior use. For the coolest bulbs and greatest energy efficiency, try LED lights, which come in a wide range of styles and colors. ?Inspect light strings. Discard any that are damaged. Frayed or cracked electrical cords or broken sockets are leading fire hazards. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting multiple strings. The general limit is three strings. Light strings with stacked plugs can usually accommodate greater lengths than end-to-end connections. Replace burned-out bulbs promptly. Empty sockets can cause the entire string to overheat. Don’t attach light strings with nails or staples. They can cut through the wire insulation and create a fire hazard. Only use UL-approved hangers.

    Do not run electrical cords under rugs or in high traffic areas. ? Turn lights off before going to bed or leaving the house. ? Place lighted candles away from combustible material. ? Extinguish all lighted candles before leaving the room or going to bed.

    TOYS: ? Ensure toys are appropriate for child’s age (not buttons, etc. for toddlers). ? Do not purchase infant toys that contain ropes or cords. ? Ensure toys are large enough not fit in a child’s mouth. Consider Eye Safety and Noise / Hearing Safety. Check the Holiday Toy Recall Checklist (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

    FIRE and CARBON MONOXIDE SAFETY: ? Be sure all family members know and practice fire exit drills in the home. ? Have Fire Extinguishers ready at hand, Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors monthly. ? Be sure chimney and fireplaces have been inspected and cleaned. ? Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach. ? Do not overload electrical outlets. ? Do not leave a stove unattended. ? Follow manufacturer recommendations for kerosene and propane heaters.

    Read these, too:

    PARTY SAFETY: ? Be sure rides are provided for intoxicated guests. ? Provide non-alcoholic beverages (and Food!) ? Provide large ashtrays for smokers to put ashes and discarded cigarettes. ? Be sure smoking materials are extinguished before tossing into trash container.

    When preparing and serving Holiday Food - be careful... here are some great guides:

    LADDER SAFETY: ? Inspect ladders for loose or missing screws, hinges, bolts and nuts. ? Be sure ladders extend at least three feet past the edge of the roof. ? Non-metal ladders should be used around electricity.holidayhazards

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