December 2015

  1. I Can't Hear You! Noise & Toys & Holiday Havoc
    Categories: Noise & Hearing & Child Safety

    I Can't Hear You! Noise & Toys & Holiday Havoc

    Noisy Toys are not just annoying - they can be serious threats to the wellness and safety of children and adults alike. The holiday season is an exciting time of year for all ages. But it’s also a common time for eye injuries. The tiniest piece of glitter may turn the most wonderful time of year into the most harmful time...
  2. Eye Safety is  Holiday Concern, too.
    Categories: Eye Safety, Safety Tips & Child Safety

    Eye Safety is Holiday Concern, too.

    We all can appreciate the joy in a child's eyes at the wonders of the Holidays. Protect those peepers with some caution and common sense. “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!” The 1983 classic holiday film, A Christmas Story, has had us reciting this memorable quote for years. Some propelling toys, like airsoft guns, arrows, BB guns, paintball guns and darts...
  3. Top 5 Safety Tips For Metal Fabrication Workers
    Categories: Safety Training

    Top 5 Safety Tips For Metal Fabrication Workers

    Manufacturing in general is a hazardous occupation. Metalwork in particular is one of the most dangerous jobs within that field, and it takes a great deal of precaution and attention to detail to do it safely. It helps to understand the most common hazards and then take the appropriate steps to keep safe. Below, read the top five safety tips...
  4. Working in the Cold...
    Categories: First Aid, Disaster, Survival, and Preparedness, Wilderness & Outdoor & Safety Tips

    Working in the Cold...

    With the winter season starting, it's time to prepare your workers for cold working conditions and winter driving. Did you know that salting ice loses its effectiveness at around 15 degrees F? Or that it takes workers five to seven days to acclimatize to working outdoors in cold conditions? Did you know that braking on ice-covered roads takes three to...
  5. Signs and Symptoms of Poisoning
    Categories: First Aid

    Signs and Symptoms of Poisoning

    For more information about poisoning, visit the American Association of Poison Control Centers at or call Poison Help 1-800-222-1222. Keep this number handy and visible near all telephones in the home, work place, and childcare agencies. Signs and symptoms of poisoning include: Sudden seizures, unconsciousness, confusion, nausea, vomiting, or illness when access to poisons is possible. Opened bottles or...
  6. Holiday Shopping, Fraud, and Safety
    Categories: Random Bits of Noise

    Holiday Shopping, Fraud, and Safety

    As the holiday shopping rush approaches, the number of incidents related to fraudulent credit card use, identity theft, and similar security breaches tend to rise in tandem. Here are credit card safety tips that all retailers that accept credit cards — and consumers who use them — should abide by this holiday season. Never write card numbers on paper. If...
  7. Choking & Airway Obstructions: What to do?
    Categories: Safety Training & CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

    Choking & Airway Obstructions: What to do?

    Important! When trying to assist a casualty who is choking by attempting to clear her/his airway, a Responder should be persistent. Don’t give up. A Responder should Call 9-1-1 or contact the Emergency Medical Services (or get someone else to make the call) and continue the following steps without interruption until the obstruction is dislodged or Emergency Medical Personnel arrive...
  8. CO
    Categories: Safety Training


    We've talked about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at home, but know that there are risks at work as well - especially with Construction/Portable Gas-Powered Equipment. Here is a great free video from OSHA to help bring more awareness to the matter: OSHA Safety Training & DOT, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Forklift, Construction & HAZMATFrom OSHA Safety Series Training...
  9. Done Shopping?
    Categories: Random Bits of Noise

    Done Shopping?

    Why Pay Retail?™ Sales, Closeouts, Discounts, While Supplies Last & Bargains! Nobody likes the word "Cheap" - it gives the idea of poor quality or cheesy imported stuff. Our First Aid Sale Items, Safety Product Sales, CPR Bargains & Disaster Survival Item closeouts and deals are all first quality - we're just making deals! First Aid Sale, Clearances, and Special...
  10. Take these precautions outdoors
    Categories: First Aid, Disaster, Survival, and Preparedness & Wilderness & Outdoor

    Take these precautions outdoors

    Winter cold can lead to Hypothermia & Frostbite. Many people spend time outdoors in the winter working, traveling, or enjoying winter sports. Outdoor activities can expose you to several safety hazards, but you can take these steps to prepare for them: » Wear appropriate outdoor clothing: layers of light, warm clothing; mittens; hats; scarves; and waterproof boots. » Sprinkle cat litter or sand...

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