March 2016

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    Spring begins Tomorrow

    While Meteorological Spring began on the first, tomorrow is the first official calendar day of Spring. Got your Poncho? Got your Sunscreen? Here are some other Spring Tips: ~ Spring Storms are coming! ~ Flood Safety ENJOY THE SEASON!
  2. Emergency Childbirth Treatment
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    Emergency Childbirth Treatment

    Call 9-1-1 or EMS immediately! Call the pregnant woman’s doctor. Responder should thoroughly wash hands and use sterile gloves if available. Keep hands and all surroundings as clean as possible. Have the mother lie down and try to calm and reassure her. If labor progresses, keep the baby at the same level as the mother. Do not interfere with the...
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    Erin go Bragh

    It is St. Patrick's Day! Luck you! Be Green, Think Green, Be Lucky! Erin go Bragh translates to "Ireland forever."
  4. Flood Safety Awareness Week
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    Flood Safety Awareness Week

    It is Flood Safety Awareness Week - here's some easy info to help raise awareness and preparedness: 3 Fast Flood Facts: ONE) Heavy rain can bring dangerous flash flooding. TWO) 6 inches of moving water can knock a person down. THREE) 2 feet of moving water can sweep a vehicle away. Whether you're walking or driving, stay clear of floodwater...
  5. Moving an Injured Casualty?
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    Moving an Injured Casualty?

    What happens when you need to move a casualty / injured person away from danger? You must take great care not to cause further injury... Avoid moving an injured casualty if possible. If there is immediate danger or the possibility of further injury (such as on-coming vehicles, explosion, fire, chemical leak, etc.) if not moved, then move the casualty as...
  6. Construction, Carpentry, and Lumber Handling Safety
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    Construction, Carpentry, and Lumber Handling Safety

    There are many specific OSHA regulations surrounding Construction Safety,  and personnel performing duties in carpentry and lumber handling are potentially exposed to a wide variety of hazards in many different environments and locations. Potential hazards include exposures to flammable and combustible adhesives, dusts, hazardous noise, eye hazards, working at heights above ground level, lifting hazards, electric and pneumatic power tools...
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    Camping anyone?

    Outdoor First Aid Supplies for Wilderness, Adventure, Hiking, Camping & Outside Work Preparedness Wilderness & Outdoor Gear Whether a Day Hike, Friends over for Backyard fun, or a Backcountry adventure… Being outdoors means you need to prepare. Insect Stings and Bites, Snakes, and Sunburn all occur at home and afield. Dehydration, Hypothermia, Blisters and much worse can happen on the...
  8. Spring Storms are coming!
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    Spring Storms are coming!

    Some like it hot, some like it wet, but nobody likes it when they lose control. That is exactly what can happen if you aren't prepared for Spring Weather. Spring brings all sorts of surprises, not just "Spring Showers", but Severe Weather including Tornadoes, Floods, Lightning, Heat, Tsunamis, Rip Currents and other Beach Hazards. Heck, why not throw in wind and wildfires...
  9. Daylight Saving Time will start Sunday morning ??
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    Daylight Saving Time will start Sunday morning ??

    Don't save that daylight - spend it! YAY! More time to Play! Daylight Saving Time will start Sunday morning, March 13. You'll lose an hour of sleep in the morning when we "Spring Forward", but think of all the great things you can do with an extra hour of sunlight in the evening! Get out and clean up that yard...
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    Spring Sprang

    While the first calendar day of Spring ( the Spring Equinox) is not until March 20th, True (Meteorological) Spring already began on March 1st. As Weather Ready Nation Ambassadors, we remind you that Spring is a time of transition, when late-season snowstorms can impact the East Coast and the Northern Plains, thunderstorms rip across the South and Midwest, rivers overflow their...

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