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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • It’s Time to Prepare for Hurricane Season

    Hurricane Season Is Almost Here

    The start of hurricane season is right around the corner. According to FEMA’s 2015 National Household Survey, two out of every three Americans are aware of what to do should a hurricane affect the area in which they live or work.

    This week, was National Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 7-13)  - which was to remind us each to learn the steps to take to prepare for a hurricane.

    The Pacific hurricane season begins Monday - May 15th and the Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1. The Ready Campaign has resources to help you prepare your family and promote hurricane preparedness in your community:

    What you should know about Hurricanes

    It is important to take some time to prepare with your family, colleagues, neighbors, or community group to assess your risk, develop plans, assemble supplies, and conduct emergency drills.

    Lear more in these articles: Hurricane PreparednessBe Ready for Hurricane SeasonHurricane Tips for Businesses

    For information on hurricane preparedness both at home and for the workplace, download the How to Prepare for a Hurricane Guide, the Prepare Your Organization for a Hurricane Playbook, or watch the When the Waves Swell animated video. Also read: Hurricane Safety Week & How do Hurricanes relate to Extreme Heat?

    Have an evacuation plan.Have an evacuation plan.

  • Keep Your Valuables Safe from Floods and Fires

    Springtime - floods can occur suddenly and devastatingly.

    There are many things you can (and should) do to prepare for this eventuality. Below, we will help you learn how to document, insure and protect your property in the event of an unexpected flood or fire.

    Also, consider these helpful articles: Planning for Emergencies,  Spring Storms are coming & Don’t forget to prepare your car

    Protect Your Property Deeds, Passports, Birth Certificates, Cash, Photos and more. Holds Legal Size Documents. Protect Your Property Deeds, Passports, Birth Certificates, Cash, Photos and more. Holds Legal Size Documents.

    You can use helpful, free checklists from Prepareathon to Document and Insure Your Property and Protect Your Critical Documents and Valuables. By taking pictures of your belongings, you create an inventory of the valuables in your home. The Insurance Information Institute offers a free tool on Know Your, which allows you to create a home inventory with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    The below tips from Prepareathon’s Document and Insure Your Property checklist recommend you document, insure, and protect your property by:
    • Creating an inventory of your home or business. A detailed inventory of your property’s contents will help you prove the value of what you owned, which could speed your insurance claim processing, and will provide documentation for the tax deductions you can claim.
    • Ensuring you have appropriate insurance. Not all insurance policies are the same. Coverage amounts, deductibles, and payment caps can vary significantly. Consult with your insurance professional to be sure your policy is right for you.
    Safeguard_DocumentsKeeping vital records in a safe place. Store paper copies, or electronic copies on a flash or external hard drive in a waterproof and fireproof box, safe, or bank deposit box.
    • Storing policy numbers and contact information nearby. Keep your policy numbers, your insurance professional/company phone number, and claim filing instructions in a secure, convenient location.

    For more information, visit Prepareathon, or download the Know Your Stuff app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

  • Prepare Now. Today.

    Emergency-SurvivalPrepare yourself, your business, and your family now. Today.

    The National Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly stressed the need for citizen preparedness and awareness about the threats America faces and the importance of emergency planning. It’s here, it’s real and it can happen at any moment. Natural disasters such as earth quakes, floods and fires can also challenge our readiness and ability to survive. Being equipped with an Emergency Survival kit containing food, water, heat packs and other survival gear along with first aid supplies can make the difference… the difference between survival, or… ? See our Solutions for your Preparedness.

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