December 2017

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    Here comes the...

    JOY! Keep the holidays safe & happy: Holiday Safety I Can’t Hear You! Noise & Toys & Holiday Havoc Eye Safety is Holiday Concern, too.  
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    Gifts That Give Twice, Thrice, and More - from 99¢!

    How does a Gift give once? “Thank you Aunt Sally! We’ve been saying we need a first aid kit for (the house, the car, Jimmy’s baseball team, the office, etc.)” How does a Gift give twice? “Ouch! Quick, can you grab that First Aid kit we got from Aunt Sally at Christmas?” How does a Gift give thrice? “What in...
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    Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List - Practical, Unique, Caring Ideas.

    Why give a generic gift? You know something that everyone on your list likes to do – get them a gift that shows you know and care… we have caring, unique, useful gifts from $1-$1000 for everyone on your gift-giving list! Think about “what they do”, then see our personal and theme gifts, or our gifts related to their career...

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