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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  • Today is World Wildlife Day

    We support the National Geographic Society animal preservation efforts with contributions earned through our first aid, cpr and safety product sales... learn about the great good they do!

    The National Geographic Society recently announced a partnership to protect the last remaining intact ecosystem in West Africa, Pendjari National Park.

    Learn more about how donations helped make this possible.

    Pendjari National Park in Benin is the last refuge for the region's largest remaining populations of elephant and critically endangered West African lion, along with cheetah, antelope, buffalo, and many other species—but this globally important area is under threat from poaching and other human pressures.

    With more support the National Geographic Society and  partners can help revitalize, protect, and preserve Pendjari's natural beauty and ensure wildlife like elephants thrive for generations to come.

    There's much more to learn about this exciting conservation initiative than we could include in one post, but you can enjoy the video and learn more about what support helps make possible.

    Watch how donor generosity is helping to protect the planet you love. Our planet's wildlife and wild places await you!
    Thank you, and Happy World Wildlife Day!


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