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Prestan AED Trainer Options Details and Usage

Audible Guidance

• Clear & Calm Voice Prompts
• Chest Compression Metronome (recording of the actual clicker in a Prestan Professional Adult Manikin!)
• Counts upward by 10’s ending at 30

Instructor Options

• Turn the AED trainer unit on

– Either use the start button OR push one of these:

• Language button
• Scenario button
• Volume button

– You cannot start the unit using the AED trainer remote
– Lifting lid does not turn unit on

• When you first push the button, there is no change in the settings, the voice prompt will tell you what the setting is
• When you push the button a second time, you change the settings
• Setting buttons

– Language button --> changes setting from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English
– Scenario button --> changes setting to one of five scenarios
– Red indicator means shock, Yellow indicator means no shock


• Hold the power button for 10 seconds until you hear two beeps (The first beep is for checking the pad connectivity so wait for the second beep)
• The Shock button with flash during this mode
• Push and release the shock button – to toggle selection

– Semi-Automatic Mode
– Automatic Mode

• Press Power button to make and save selection
• Selection will flash 3 times and Unit will shut off

Language/Software Module

• Contains the main program software and the speech files for two languages

– English/Spanish
– English/French

• Label contains information on languages, guideline dates, model #, etc.
• To upgrade to new guidelines, simply replace the module

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