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BBP Spill Kit with contents displayed.

21 Piece Bodily Fluid Clean Up Pack / Bloodborne Pathogen Spill Kit

Great as a standalone BBP kit or added to any First Aid Kit or Cabinet for Blood Pathogen and Spill protection compliance under 29CFR1910.1030(d)(3)(i). This one-time use pack contains the necessary products to provide personal protection at a bodily fluid spill scene. This Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Kit provides a fast, efficient method for the absorption and disposal of potentially harmful blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) such as other bodily fluids. Our BBP pack contains the OSHA required items to reduce or eliminate the hazards of occupational exposure from blood and other potentially infectious materials when a spill occurs. The (included) BBP quick guide helps differentiate infectious versus non-infectious waste and give simple directions on how to clean up and dispose of each type safely.

BBP Kit / Refill Pack Contents - 21 piece kit, URG-3651 Includes:

  • (4) Disposable Vinyl Gloves
  • (1) Face Mask with Eye Shield
  • (1) Red Biohazard Bag 24” x 24”
  • (1) Scoop & Scraper
  • (1) Red Z Pouch 3/4 OZ
  • (1) Germicidal Wipe
  • (2) Twist Ties
  • (1) Impervious Gown
  • (1) Absorbent Towel
  • (1) Instruction/Contents Insert
  • (1) 8” x 10” Poly Bag
  • (6) Antiseptic Wipe (BZK)
  • (1) Paws Antimicrobial Towelette

Meets federal OSHA regulation 29CFR1910.1030(d)(3)(i) Provision.

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