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Contain the Blood. Biohazard, BBP, PPE, and Spill Clean up.

Shop and save on Bloodborne Pathogen & Personal Protection Kits / Blood Borne Pathogen Protection Kits for cleaning up spills of blood or OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Materials) when performing First Aid in the Workplace. Scare away BBP & PPE spills this year and be prepared for pick up in your workplace.
Also, be sure to check out our Boo! Boo Sale.

Kids (of all ages) love the magic of Halloween; Trick-or-treating and trips to a neighborhood haunted house. But at work, often there is a fine line between Halloween fun and safety concerns, especially when it comes to freaky accidents. Shop below for BBP & PPE Kits including Bodily Fluid Clean up, Fluid Spill Packs, Biohazard bags, Biohazard Scoops, and much more!

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