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Disinfect to Help Fight, Prevent, and Control Epidemic / Pandemic

When fighting infection, we highly recommend Isopropyl. For external use only. Active ingredient: Isopropyl alcohol.

Wondering where to buy 99% isopropyl alcohol? It is hard to find - while some stores will carry 90%, 91%, or 97% alcohol, the 99% rubbing alcohol is difficult to come by, which is why we offer it by the individual bottle, bulk, case quantity and wholesale direct here! While we offer our isopropyl alcohol (both 70% and 99% for first aid and antiseptic uses, many of our customer purchase to use as a Solvent.

Rubbing alcohol can also be used to dissolve many "non-polar compounds" and what is nice is that it evaporates quickly, and leaves nearly zero oil traces. As solvents go, isopropyl alcohol is relatively non-toxic. Many businesses use our 99% alcohol as a cleaning fluid, especially for dissolving oils, inks and removing sticky residue such as that left after removing labels.

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