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Burns and Scalds in the Kitchen

Whether a professional kitchen or a home kitchen, burns and scalds occur more frequently than any other type of injury (even more than cuts.) During Burn Awareness Week, we thought it an appropriate time to cover some burn-related kitchen safety tips.


  • ~ Use oven mitts, not towels, to handle hot pots & pans.
  • ~ Use caution when cooking with grease – keep burner on a low to medium setting and keep a pan lid in reach.
  • ~ Place pots and pans on the back burner with handles turned away from the edge of the stove.
  • ~ Create a 3-foot “no kid zone” in the kitchen around stoves, ovens and hot items.
  • ~ Keep hot drinks away from the edge of tables and counters. Use spill-proof mugs with tight-fitting lids.
  • ~ Adults most often get cooking related scalds from hot liquid spills or when moving containers of hot liquids. Consider the weight of pots and pans fill with hot liquids and food before lifting them. Don’t lift hot items that are too heavy
  • ~ When you microwave food, steam inside cover containers can quickly reach over 200 o F and can burn your hands and face. Pro Tip: Puncture plastic wrap or use vented containers to allow steam to escape while cooking.  Or, wait at least one minute before removing the cover.  When removing covers, lift the corner farthest from you and away from your face or arm.


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