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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is often a challenge, schools, churches, community groups, sports teams, and clubs all need funds. First-Aid-Products brings your fundraiser ideas, tips, tricks and products to make raising funds for your group or project fun instead of a chore.
  • First Aid Fundraising Program!

    First Aid Fundraising Program!

    Image of First Aid Fundraising Program PackageFirst Aid Fundraising Program...simple steps to big profits... 50% profit guarantee... first aid is needed everywhere, home, business, events... with this unique healthy alternative fundraising program you can meet your fundraising goals while offering a nice alternative to the typical, candy, candles, magazines, and gift wrap! Buy them for $4 Sell them for $8 (or $10!)... Who can refuse?

    It would be REALLY hard to find an easier fundraiser, or one that is harder for people to say "no" to...
    Our Fundraising First Aid Kits come in All purpose / Home version & Comprehensive Auto First Aid.

    See more online @

    Best of Luck with your Safe, Healthy & Fun First Aid Fundraiser!!!


    RECOMMENDED First Aid Fundraising Strategies...

    Plan #1

    BEST SUCCESS RATE: Pre-purchase 75% of the kits you anticipate selling...people are always more willing to trade cash for product, than to pay for something and await arrival, especially when many have been duped by fundraising "scams" in the past - also especially effective for events...put them on a table and sell to every attendee. "Stack 'em high - watch 'em fly" (We recommend ordering 75% of anticipated sales, as your organization will not want to pay to return the unsold items...keep a few of the last ones and take orders for fulfillment, when your group members tell the potential customers how many already sold out, they will still want to order!)

    Plan #2

    STILL A GREAT SUCCESS RATE: Purchase a few "Sample Packs" online. You'll want one sample pack for each of your members, the Sample Packs come with 5 assorted Home & Auto Fundraising First Aid Kits and a FREE Carry Tote. They cost just $20. Whether your Fundraiser is door to door, at an event, take home, or other, these will let Customers actually "See & Touch" what they will be getting as your Members take Pre-Orders/Payment for the kits you will order. This lets the Customers know the great quality. Also, your Group Members can, at their discretion or your direction, sell the kits from the sample packs to people who simply must have them immediately to make the sale - just make sure they keep one of each to show others! (Limit 5 free carry totes per customer/group)

    Plan #3

    FOR GROUPS WITH NO BUDGET- STILL A BETTER SUCCESS RATE THAN MAGAZINES, CANDY, ETC: You, as the Organizer Pre-purchase 1 "Sample Pack" online. The Sample Pack comes with 5 assorted Home & Auto Fundraising First Aid Kits and a FREE Carry Tote. It will cost just $20. Hold a training meeting for your Group Members, and let them see what great quality kits these are... that way they can sell with confidence! ($20 is a small price to invest. As the Fundraiser Organizer, you would undoubtedly be buying a kit or two anyway...this way, you will have 5 at cost...just $4 each... put one in your car, one in your home, and give the others as gifts!)

    Plan #4

    BASIC / SEND HOME PROGRAM: Download, customize, and print the flyers, send them home, and tabulate orders, then place one order to ship to you for fulfillment.

    All Plans...

    FREE SHIPPING: Download, customize, and print the flyers, send them out according to whichever above plan you choose, and tabulate orders, then place one order to ship to you for fulfillment. Make 1000 Kits your minimum goal...orders of 800+ kits get FREE SHIPPING to a single Continental US Address!

    DOWNLOADS: (click on whichever your want to download):

    Program Overview Brochure (Download & Personalize with your Organization name and Information!)

    Sales Sheets for Each Participant (Download & Personalize ~ Take Door to Door or send Home/to Work!)

    ORDER ONLINE or Call us Toll Free! (800) 933-8495

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