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  1. How Excessive Heat Impacts Worker Safety
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    How Excessive Heat Impacts Worker Safety

    Excessive heat in the workplace is a very real hazard. In 2014, 18 U.S. workers lost their lives because of overheating. Over 2,600 more suffered heat-related illness. As heartbreaking as these statistics are, it’s even more tragic when you realize that in all probability, most or all of these casualties could have been prevented. Keeping cool at work isn’t just...
  2. Achoo
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    Achoo, Achoo, the cold’s got you… Oh no, Oh no, could it be Flu? When you feel the tug of seasonal bug… You need to know what to do. Here we are folks! Back at Cough, Cold, Allergy, and Flu Season. We’ve added 50 new products at your request to help you get your work, home, or school ready for...
  3. 1,000 US women positive for Zika
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    1,000 US women positive for Zika

    While over 1,000 pregnant women have been diagnosed and having Zika virus in the US and US territories, this is still considered to be extremely rare - there's a lot of worry and hype, but as of yet, it is not a gret concern - although the CDC is recommending that all pregnant women get tested and follow precautions to...
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    Do You Know the Signs of a Heat Stroke?

    We've shared articles on What is Heat Stroke?, as well as Heat Stroke First Aid Treatment in the past, but now, as we see countless heat related injuries occuring aorund the nation, it is time for anu update. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heat stroke occurs when the body is unable to regulate its temperature. The body's temperature...
  5. Zika Webinar
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    Zika Webinar

    In case you missed the FREE webinar Zika Virus – Implications for Pregnant Women on July 29th, The American Medical Association (AMA) is hosting a Zika Webinar today with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)... Webinar:            Preparing for Zika Transmission in the U.S. Date:                    Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 Time:                   7–8 p.m. EDT Sign up:               Pre-register (at...
  6. Mosquito Control: You Have Options
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    Mosquito Control: You Have Options

    With all the news on Zika, we have sheared a lot on how to Prevent Mosquito Bites. It is important o stay up to date on Zika and Mosquitoes... Zika News, Zika and Pregnancy, More on Zika - but most important - think of how you can keep mosquitoes away - not just from biting, but AWAY. Here are some tips from the CDC: Protect...
  7. FREE webinar today: Zika Virus - Implications for Pregnant Women
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    FREE webinar today: Zika Virus - Implications for Pregnant Women

    Help ensure you are prepared to handle Zika! Join featured speaker, CDC medical epidemiologist Evelyn Rodriguez, MD, MPH, MBA, as she Lists the ways pregnant women can become infected with the Zika virus. Describes CDC recommendations for testing pregnant women with possible exposure. Describes CDC recommendations for testing of couples who are interested in conceiving and who live in an...
  8. Zika Tweet
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    Zika Tweet

    Time for some Zika updates, and an invitation to join the Zika Tweet tomorrow.... ?   Zika News ?   More on Zika ?   Zika and Pregnancy ?   Zika – Facts and Prevention ?   Zika in the USA: Not Travel Related??? ?   Zika Prevention – Good Morning America Features Natrapel CDC Issues Updated Zika Recommendations: Interim Guidance for healthcare providers caring for...
  9. Zika in the USA: Not Travel Related???
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    Zika in the USA: Not Travel Related???

    Uh Oh: CDC assisting Utah investigation of Zika virus infection apparently not linked to travel CDC is assisting in the investigation of a case of Zika in a Utah resident who is a family contact of the elderly Utah resident who died in late June. The deceased patient had traveled to an area with Zika and lab tests showed he...
  10. Zika News
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    Zika News

    With the Olympics coming up in Zika embattled Brasil (or Brazil if you prefer), minds turn to safety both there, and here at home - how may this affect the spread of Zika? The National Institutes for Health (NIH) are funding a Zika virus study involving U.S. Olympic team, wherein researchers will monitor potential infections among group of U.S. athletes traveling...

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