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Random Bits of Noise

While most our articles are related to Health, First Aid, CPR, Safety and Disaster or Emergency Survival and preparedness, there's a lot more going on in the World. This category is where we share other things: From amazing scientific advances to historical facts, from social trivia to Random Acts of Kindness (which helped inspire the category name.) We endeavor to provide the most informative OSHA and safety updates as well as deeper explanations of lifesaving skills and products, but at times both we, an our reader, need a respite - this category is our "brain-break".
  • Holiday Surprises

    Everyone likes a Holiday Surprise... well we got ours!

    For our Company Holiday Event, we were just told to arrive at the Company Building for a 7:00 AM Saturday departure and that we would be back Sunday evening around 8:00 PM (It actually ended up closer to 10:00 PM.) Clues were posted on the Employee Bulletin Board each day for a Month... but the clues still left use clueless (they ALL make sense now, Ha Ha!)
    We were told to dress for any type of weather (layers) to wear comfortable shoes, and to bring something nice for dinner... away we went!

    What an awesome time - Solvang Danish Village, Suites for all at the Cambria Pines Lodge, The Cambria Christmas Market, a Holiday light show like none of us have ever seen (it went on for miles!) and great Dinner and dancing...then Hearst Castle the following day... wow. We were overwhelmed (and a bit wiped out for work Monday!)

  • Holiday Shopping, Fraud, and Safety

    As the holiday shopping rush approaches, the number of incidents related to fraudulent credit card use, identity theft, and similar security breaches tend to rise in tandem.

    Here are credit card safety tips that all retailers that accept credit cards — and consumers who use them — should abide by this holiday tree with presents

    Never write card numbers on paper.

    If a retailer’s credit card processing equipment is temporarily “down,” opt to pay with cash, a check — or forego the purchase altogether. Consumers should never allow a retailer to write a card number on a piece of paper for later processing. Likewise, retailers should never allow staff to do so, regardless of how long the delays at the point of sale become due to slow card processors. Not only is it an increased risk that the sensitive data will fall into the wrong hands, it’s a violation of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards.

    Protect your card from skimmers.

    Credit card data thieves use a technique known as skimming to infiltrate sensitive credit card data, including numbers, expiration dates and security codes, without having to steal the physical credit card. As the experts at PC World explain, thieves often initiate this kind of fraud by placing an electronic magnetic strip reader over a legitimate device (like a card reader at an ATM or at the point of sale), or may use a device that “skims” card information from a distance. If successful, they’ll obtain the information they need to use a card fraudulently — while the credit card remains seemingly protected and safe in the cardholder’s wallet.

    Mitigate the risks of being “skimmed” by staying aware of card activity at all times. Sign up for text message alerts and emails for real-time notification of card activity. When you’re at the point of sale, be aware of who is nearby. Keep credit cards within in your line of vision when you’re shopping, to make it more difficult for skimmers to access your information from afar.

    Avoid using third-party operated ATM machines (like those located in a restaurant), and/or paying at the pump gas station terminals, when possible (which are often easiest for thieves to intercept because they’re unattended). If you must withdraw cash, visit your bank branch or withdraw money from an ATM that is part of your bank’s branch office.

    Retailers can protect their customers by conducting consistent and frequent security checks at point of sale devices. As PCWorld experts explain, a task as simple as running a finger along the terminal can help to detect suspicious manipulation of the equipment that has taken place.

    Use smartcard/EMV point of technology when available.

    Merchants were given an Oct. 2015 deadline to adapt their point-of-sale equipment to accommodate EMV smartcards, which provide enhanced security at the point of sale. Consumers can minimize the likelihood that they’ll be impacted by a data breach by using the card’s new smart chip feature. (Insert the card into the terminal for a few seconds for verification, instead of swiping.) Merchants who haven’t yet adopted EMV point-of-sale terminals due to cost or infrastructure issues should investigate ways to do so, even if it’s by way of mobile payment devices that are equipped to process EMV smartcards. (Should a data breach take place, the vendor offering the lowest level of card security in the transaction could be held liable.)

    Never check on your finances without a secure Wi-Fi connection.

    You may be tempted to access a personal finance app or your credit card’s activity via online banking to stay on budget during holiday shopping sprees — but do so only when you can connect to secure, password-protected Wi-Fi. Merchants should also educate their staff on the importance of processing payments only when a private connection is available; public Wi-Fi “hotspots” are easy for data thieves and cybercriminals to intercept.

    Holiday shopping season is full of excitement for retailers and consumers — but it presents added responsibility to keep card data safe. Follow these simple tips to make sure that all of your credit card transactions are kept secure during the holiday season, and beyond.

    Shop Online at sites you know.

    Kristen Gramigna is Chief Marketing Officer for BluePay, a credit card processing firm. She has more than 20 years experience in the bankcard industry in direct sales, marketing and sales management. Follow her on Twitter at @BluePay_CMO.

  • Done Shopping?

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  • Silliness

    Plastic, cheap, disposable, useless... ah the gifts we've been suckered into with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hype.

    Feel good about your purchases, or feeling Buyer's remorse?

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday - Blah, Blah, Blah…

    consumerGive gifts this year that show you care. Everyone needs a first aid kit – At home, in their car, and for any special interests or activities.

    The great thing about a First Aid Kit as a Holiday Gift is that it gives twice:
    First the initial appreciation upon receipt of a practical and useful gift (rather than some disposable nonsense gift) and more importantly – they will appreciate it again and think of you when they need their kit and have these important injury treatment supplies conveniently at hand!

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  • Thanks for the Memories

    Fall TrimThanks.
    Today is the day for saying Thanks. The day to Give Thanks.

    Each year, we try to explore the idea of thank-giving from a different perspective. As we wrap up our 23rd year of Saving Lives and Saving Money™, we decided to give thanks for some of the memories we have.

    There are many funny memories ("Your decorated bandages are defective, they are printed upside down!" "Ma'am, try this: Remove the bandage, turn it around, and reapply." "Oh, thanks! These really ought to come with directions that explain that.")

    There are sad memories ("I'd like to return an order I just received." "Certainly, I can help with that, may I ask if there was anything wrong with the order?" "No, everything was perfect, it's just that these were for my wife, and she passed away this weekend.")

    There are oh so many memories, many fun, many funky, and some not so fun - but it is probably the bittersweet memories that have affected us the most...

    In our business, we are directly involved in tragedies and disasters as they occur. We are grief-stricken and horrified along with every one else, but also drawn into the mix. During 9/11, Katrina, Sandy, and dozens of other world-shattering events, we have had the opportunity to become involved with the rescuers, victims, and survivors. From helping get rescue and emergency survival supplies to the affected areas to directly participating in evacuation and shelter efforts, we've had nigh on a quarter century to see the beauty of people helping one another. This is something we should all appreciate and be most thankful for.

    image of harvest baskets Our Harvest of Memories is Bountiful
  • Preparing for Thanksgiving

    thanksgiving-shareTomorrow is Thanksgiving Day - Today... scurrying around, last minute  grocery shopping, heading out for road trips, general pre-holiday chaos.

    Be safe - remember that people are very distracted, so watch out on the roadways - especially if you have rain, snow, or darkness on top of crazy drivers.

    Once you settle in, remember that a crowded kitchen is a dangerous place... beware of cut & burn hazards.

    Have fun, be safe, and eat, eat eat!


  • Black Friday - Cyber Monday Safety

    With Black Friday & Cyber Monday coming up, identity theft and credit card security are concerns for all.

    Looking forward to Cyber Monday, but concerned about having your credit card information stolen? One cautious shopper wanted to know and asked Marietta Jelks,'s consumer protection expert and editor of the Consumer Action Handbook, 

    Get her expert advice and follow these steps to protect yourself from credit card hacking. For more tips on shopping, researching products, and knowing your rights visit

    Have your own question about shopping online and how to protect yourself? You can ask Marietta on Twitter using the hashtag #AskMarietta.ask

  • World Philosophy Day

    thinker So what do you think of that?

    World Philosophy Day occurs the third Thursday of every November - Today.

    This commemorative day was introduced in 2002 by UNESCO to honor philosophical reflection in the entire world by opening up free and accessible spaces. Its objective is to encourage the peoples of the world to share their philosophical heritage and to open their minds to new ideas, as well as to inspire a public debate between intellectuals and civil society on the challenges confronting our society.

    This year, consideration will be given to the plurality of languages and places of philosophy.


  • We've had a face lift!

    More First Aid, CPR, Survival, and Safety at the Updated First Aid Product Site!


    Lookie here… after almost 25 years, we found ourselves sagging in all the wrong places, so we’ve had a facelift!

    It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally updated our website to better serve our customers. Hopefully you have noticed we endeavored to make it clearer, cleaner and more user-friendly – plus, we solved the “Need for Speed” issue – this new site should be quick and convenient so you can locate all your CPR, Survival, Safety and First Aid Needs faster!

    Speaking of finding things, we hope you love our new dynamic search, advanced search, and navigated search options… these will help you find exactly what you need for OSHA or ANSI compliance, or any specific need.

    Keeping up with the times, the new is a responsive website. This means you can take us with you! Need to refill your first aid kits or cabinets? Just pull us up on your phone or tablet and go! You can order by item number right there where you’ll be checking for empties and expired items!

    Besides offering the same Wholesale Direct to the Public™ pricing and our Lowest Price Guarantee, we’ve added hundreds of new products – and we now offer even deeper discounts and greater convenience with automated refills and auto-ship orders for those items you need to order regularly!

    Image displaying home page on numerous devices signifying the capability of website navigation with all types of devices.

    What Else is New?

    Your Account is still here (although you will need to reset your password) and is full of GREAT new features!

    • Now you can look up your previous orders online for status, tracking, or easy reorder of all or some items previously purchased.
    • You can add your own person “tags” to help you categorize items in our site according to your needs (Warehouse, Kitchen, Fido, Gift Idea, whatever!)
    • You can store multiple “ship to” addresses and payment methods securely in your account for faster, easier checkout.

    There’s much more, too – update your password, address, or other account information whenever you like, add notes, etc.

    Don’t worry, we’re still here Toll Free with Expert and Friendly Customer Service, but you don’t have to call us for these services any longer – they’re available self-serve as well.

    First Aid Information – That’s right – we’re putting hundreds of First Aid Articles, Safety Tips, Survival Guides, and CPR Updates online for your free use. Check out our First Aid Blog for great info… you can also [subscribe to our feed] for daily updates, or bookmark and check back whenever you like. Plus these great resources, too:

    First aid guide First Aid Kit buyer's guide Free First Aid Kit About OSHA First Aid & ANSI First Aid First Aid Catalog First Aid Order Form Support Q & A

    Image displaying a preview of Customer Account Dashboard at

    Password/Account: Remember – as noted above, when you first visit your account you will have to choose “forgot password” and reset your password the first time you log in here at the new site – while we brought over your account information, we left the payment histories and passwords encrypted where not even we can access them as it’s just not cool to move that information around.

    Thank you for visiting the newly updated! If you have any feedback (good or bad) or suggestions, we’d love to hear your comments!

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