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  • After Bite Sting Relief Products - The Buzz Behind the Bee

    Want to know the story behind the bee? How did the After Bite brand develop, and how does After Bite Work?

    After-Bite-BeeIn the late 90s, Tender Corporation realized that despite After Bite’s success, challenges had appeared in the marketplace as competition in insect bite treatments grew. In response, Tender came up with two new formulas in 1998.

    Through consumer surveys Tender Corporation recognized that the #1 way people treated their mosquito bites was with After Bite. The surveys also indicated that when bee stings, jelly fish stings and spider bites were explored, the preferred treatments were all over the board. Tender Corporation concluded that After Bite was seen as the only mosquito bite treatment by the consumer. Home remedies such as meat tenderizer, tea tree oil, and baking soda paste were commonly cited as being used to treat mosquito bites. It was also recognized that children tend to scratch insect bites therefore leaving an open wound. When After Bite Original was applied to these open scratches on children they would experience a very unpleasant stinging sensation from the ammonia in the formulation - thus creating the need for a sensitive formula for children. This “all natural”, gentle, non-stinging cream was created which contained tea tree oil, baking soda, vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It was launched in 2003 as After Bite Kids and quickly became the #2 selling insect bite treatment in the market.

    In addition, Tender Corporation recognized consumers were treating bee, wasp, jelly fish and fire ant stings with a variety of remedies as well. They then came out with a gel that still had the active ingredient of ammonia but added things such as baking soda and tea tree oil. The gel format was created due to the need to treat multiple bites over a larger area. Unlike the traditional After Bite pen application the gel can be easily spread over an area of many bites in one treatment. This is particularly helpful with fire ants, bee stings and jelly fish stings in which you get bitten multiple times.

    Tender Corporation’s mission was then to create the messaging that was appropriate for the mosquito bite treatment market in which After Bite dominated, the kids market and expansion in the lawn and garden and insecticides area with the After Bite Extra formula. Recognizing that After Bite was also used in the outdoors they added the After Bite Outdoor formula which is the same as the Extra formula but repackaged to assimilate that larger audience that deals with a wide range of bites. The liquid in After Bite, the cream in After Bite Kids or the gel in After Bite Extra and After Bite Outdoors will work equally well on mosquito bites, the preference is in which delivery system the consumer desires.

    Recently, looking at the trends in the marketplace, Tender Corporation began to brainstorm how they could continue to improve upon this product. In 2014 they launched the After Bite New & Improved formula which added 5% baking soda making it the active ingredient and kept the ammonia at the original 3% as a preservative. Baking soda and ammonia in the chemical world are bases and stings and bites are acids. When the two are mixed together you essentially neutralize the effect of the sting/bite immediately. Most other products in marketplace typically have a benzocaine or lidocaine that masks the pain temporarily and you will find yourself itching and scratching later on whereas the After Bite formula dissipates the bite. See more...

    Insect Bite & Sting Relief for Adults & Kids Insect Bite & Sting Relief for Adults & Kids

    After Bite® Products - Insect Bite & Sting: Bite treatments from AfterBite, the overwhelming favorite for over 30 years - Try After Bite® - the original, trusted Itch Eraser®. Choose from: Outdoor-a powerful gel-formula for immediate itch and sting relief, Outdoor Chigger & Ant special formulation, & new After Bite® Kids: a gentle, non-stinging cream specially formulated for kids.After Bite Products - insect sting relief applicator for mosquitoes, ants, chiggers & even a Childrens' stick!

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