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FEMA Prepares for Hurricanes and so are we!

FEMA is working with state, local, tribal and territorial partners to prepare for the potential impacts from storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific.

Successful response and recovery to disasters is a team effort. FEMA is not the only responder in the recovery of states and communities that have been devastated by disasters. We all need to be prepared. We need all levels of government to work together to transform our nation to have a true culture of preparedness.

When it comes to disaster response, the entire community has a role to play. See FEMA's "Disaster Response is a Team Effort" below to see how this works.

We Shipped 20,000 Hygiene Kits for FEMA Preparation

As we did with the Puerto Rico hurricanes last year when we supplied tens of thousands of First Aid Kits for FEMA relief, this year we are already involved! Today we shipped 20 thousand hygiene kits for a FEMA contract order in preparation for Hurricane Florence relief. More to come. Stay Posted.

Click Images Below to See FEMA Hygiene Kit Assembly

Find an Emergency Evacuation Shelter Near You

If you are in the path of Hurricane #Florence, listen to local officials for evacuation orders. If you need a safe place to go, text SHELTER and your zip code (i.e. SHELTER 12345) to 4FEMA (43362) to locate an open emergency shelter near you. You can also look up shelters on the FEMA App.

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