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National Hurricane Preparedness Week May 3-9

With the Atlantic and Central Pacific hurricane seasons starting June 1 and the Eastern Pacific hurricane season starting May 15, now is the time to prepare! Get started now by reviewing and sharing Hurricane Safety Tips and Resources.

To be ready for hurricane season you can determine your personal hurricane risk, find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone, and review/update insurance policies. You can also make a list of items to replenish hurricane emergency supplies and start thinking about how you will prepare your home for the coming hurricane season. If you live in hurricane-prone areas, you are encouraged to complete these simple preparations before the hurricane season begins on June 1. Keep in mind, you may need to adjust any preparedness actions based on the latest health and safety guidelines from the CDC and your local officials

Don't think that you won't be impacted by hurricanes just because you are many miles from the coastline. If you are reading this post, no matter where you are, click here and communicate what you learned to help friends, family, and coworkers prepare for hurricane season and access disaster & preparedness items before it's too late.

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