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Off the Grid

With National Preparedness Month around the corner, people are stocking up on preparedness items and giveaways like Ponchos and Emergency Blankets - if you really want to go off grid, check this out!

Living off the grid is a romantic idea when you've had enough of traffic, stressful jobs and rising housing costs. But solitude can take some time and effort before you find your peaceful place. Just ask Catherine King and Wayne Adams, two artists who, for the last 24 years, invested their energy and creativity into building their own paradise: an island. The floating island is made up of 12 tethered sections of buildings, including greenhouses, living spaces, a kitchen, workshops and more to house all their artistic needs outside the confines of typical real estate. Adams says "Freedom Cove" was constructed with a saw and a hammer, and no power tools, floating freely in the ocean with few ties to the shore and no anchor. In the video, when asked if they ever get seasick, Adams replied "No, when I go to town I get landsick."

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