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With America's PrepareAthon this Saturday, we've been address a wide variety of types of disasters on may need to deal with. Terrorism is and emergency situation you should consider. We've discussed EarthquakesFireSpring StormsTsunamisBlackouts & Brownouts, as well as  Disaster ManagementFamily Emergency Readiness, and what to have in your Emergency Grab and Go Kits. Now - let's look at evil...


?   Terrorists look for visible targets such as international airports, large cities, major international events, resorts, and high-profile landmarks. Terrorist weapons include explosives, kidnappings, hijackings, arson, and shootings.

?   Be alert and aware of the surrounding area. The very nature of terrorism suggests that there may be little or no warning.

?   Take precautions when traveling. Be aware of conspicuous or unusual behavior. Do not accept packages from strangers. Do not leave luggage unattended.

?   Learn where emergency exits are located. Think ahead about how to evacuate a building, subway or congested public area in a hurry. Learn where staircases are located.

?   Notice your immediate surroundings. Be aware of heavy or breakable objects that could move, fall or break in an explosion.


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