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In most cases, a fire should be your signal to quickly evacuate the building via the quickest and safest route.  If, however, a fire can be easily extinguished, it can significantly reduce the risk of injury and property damage.


Be aware of fire extinguisher locations, and know how to use them. In the workplace, fire extinguishers are usually located near the stairwells.  Most extinguishers sold today are “ABC” class.  This means they are designed to extinguish:

A – Combustibles, paper, wood, trash,

B – Hydrocarbons, oils, greases, and

C – Electrical fires.

See our Fire Prevention & Safety Training Materials! See our Fire Prevention & Safety Training Materials!

Examine the extinguisher prior to an emergency:

  • Determine if it is an ABC class extinguisher,
  • Check the pressure gauge,
  • Check the safety pin and connector,
  • Check the hose for cracks,
  • Check to see the date of the last inspection or charging.

To operate an extinguisher:

P – Pull the Pin

A – Aim the Nozzle

S – Squeeze the Handle

S – Sweep Side to Side

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