Image of person using Epinephrin penAllergic Reaction Signs: Difficulty breathing including wheezing, swollen face, lips and tongue, hives, and/or red, itchy, swollen skin around area of reaction. Treatment
  • Call 9-1-1 or EMS (Emergency Medical Services) immediately!
  • Keep the casualty calm, quiet and relaxed in a lying or sitting position.
  • If the casualty is experiencing an asthma attack, ask if he/she has a prescribed inhaler. If so, assist him/her in accessing and self-administering the inhaler.
  • If the casualty is experiencing a severe allergic reaction to a known allergen, he/she may have an auto-injector or EPI-pen (Epinephrine Pen) prescribed by a doctor. Assist him/her in accessing and self-administering the EPI-pen, if they have one.
  • If it is obvious what the substance causing the allergic reaction is and this substance is safely obtainable, give it to Emergency Medical Personnel.
  • If the casualty stops breathing, begin CPR immediately!
Also read Signs and Symptoms of Poisoning Content excerpted from the Urgent First Aid Guide used by permission Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved. Get a full copy of the First Aid Guide for under $1!