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Using an Epinephrine Pen

Image of Epinephrin PenThe following are steps for using an epinephrine pen during an anaphylactic emergency. Only trained, certified personnel should administer an EPI-pen to a casualty, but an untrained responder may assist in accessing and self-administering.

  1. Retrieve the Epinephrine Pen.
  2. Remove the safety cap and check the solution. If the clear liquid is discolored or brown, do not use the pen. If the seal has been broken previously, because liquid is present on the pen, do not use the pen.
  3. Wrap your fist around the middle portion of the pen. Do not touch the outer ends!
  4. To give the injection, place the pen tip firmly against the casualty’s thigh, between the hip and knee area. The injection can be given through clothing. Do not inject into the buttocks or other area. Do not inject into a vein.
  5. Continue to hold the pen in place for several seconds to allow all the medication to be delivered.
  6. Massage the injection site to further distribute the medication.
  7. Read package for disposal instructions.
  8. Continue to monitor and calm the casualty until medical personnel arrive to take over care.

Content excerpted from the Urgent First Aid Guide used by permission Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved. Get a full copy of the First Aid Guide for under $1!

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