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What is Shock?

Image of responder assisting shock victim casualty

What is Shock? Hypoperfusion (shock) is inadequate body tissue perfusion, resulting inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues

  • ~ Shock is a life-threatening condition and requires immediate treatment and attention.
  • ~ Shock is characterized by pale, cold, clammy skin, shivering or chills, confusion, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and/or a weak pulse with shallow, rapid breathing.
  • ~ Shock usually accompanies other severe injuries, burns, allergic reactions, severe pain such as a heart attack, or sudden loss of blood.


Content excerpted from the Urgent First Aid Guide used by permission Copyright 2013
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Shock can be a life-threatening condition and can manifest itself in a variety of ways and levels of severity. Read about Shock First Aid Treatment

Learn The Signs & Symptoms for shock, as well as treatment for specific types of shock. Find out about LIVE OSHA Standard First Aid & Emergency Care at your location... check out American CPR Training™

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