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Ben's Outdoor - with DEET

bens-outdoor-deet-permethrinBen’s was started by a gentleman named Mark Mowatt out of Maine. He had previously worked for the company that sold and distributed the Muskol brand insect repellent.  He felt that he could better market and promote the product on his own, so he created a new brand and named it after his son Ben.

Mark started with a 100% DEET re-packaged into a bright orange bottle and marketed it throughout New England, starting in Maine and growing the brand from there.  Tender Corporation was already in the insect bite treatment market and struck up many conversations with Mark at a variety of trade shows.  Through these conversations Mark discovered it made a great deal of sense to sell the brand to Tender Corporation and concentrate on other areas of the business.

Ben’s was purchased by Tender Corporation in April of 1987 and extended the brand into a Ben’s Wilderness formula (30% DEET) and backyard Formula (20% DEET).  The mid 90’s brought forth a new formulation with the incorporation of their Turco machine (bag on valve technology). They were one of only three companies to use this technology in manufacturing.   This allowed Tender Corporation to take out alcohol and propellant, leaving 100% repellent in our product lines.  They continued on with Ben’s Wilderness and Ben’s Backyard formulas.  Looking at the differentiation and the fact that there was not many costing points between the 20% and 30% they decided to drop the 20% and focus the brand on the higher end DEET messaging, from 100% down to the 30%. 0006-7070

DEET has been the most tested chemical by the EPA over the last 60-70 years.  There have been no health issues related to the use of DEET that were not intentional by the end user.  It is a very safe and effective active ingredient for repellents. Tender Corporation has continued to enhance the packaging and messaging while sticking with the bright orange coloring in a variety of sizes in pump sprays, continuous spray and wipes in the Ben’s 30% to handle the variety of needs the marketplace has.

Ben's® Outdoor

Ben's Products - Deet & Permethrin Based Insect Repellents: Ben's Deet repellents - offering protection from insects that may carry Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), West Nile Virus (WNV), malaria and other infectious diseases. Don't be afraid or bothered to be outside with Ben's Deet repellant's. Providing protection for up to 8-10 hours, Ben's products will help you relax and enjoy your outdoor outings without the worry or annoyance of bugs!

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