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Zika in the USA: Not Travel Related???

Uh Oh:

CDC assisting Utah investigation of Zika virus infection apparently not linked to travel

insectrepellents-animatedCDC is assisting in the investigation of a case of Zika in a Utah resident who is a family contact of the elderly Utah resident who died in late June. The deceased patient had traveled to an area with Zika and lab tests showed he had uniquely high amounts of virus—more than 100,000 times higher than seen in other samples of infected people—in his blood.  Laboratories in Utah and at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported evidence of Zika infection in both Utah residents.

State and local public health disease control specialists, along with CDC, are investigating how the second resident became infected.  The investigation includes additional interviews with and laboratory testing of family members and health care workers who may have had contact with the person who died and trapping mosquitoes and assessing the risk of local spread by mosquitoes.Zika

A CDC Emergency Response Team (CERT)  is in Utah at the request of the Utah Department of Health.  The team includes experts in infection control, virology, mosquito control, disease investigation, and health communications.

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