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Drive As If Your Life Depends On It. It Does!

DRive-SafeBe a defensive driver. Protect yourself and others.

?   Yield to drivers who are determined to get there first.
?   Keep checking your rearview and side mirrors for oncoming traffic.
?   Remember, your mirrors have “blind spots.”

Always turn your head and look for other vehicles before changing lanes.

?   Always expect the other driver to do the unexpected—speed up, slow down, pass, cut across lanes.
?   Watch for sudden movements—like pedestrians, bicyclists, or animals darting into the road ahead of you.
?   Carry emergency equipment—a jack, flares, flashlight, first-aid kit.
?   Keep your mind on your driving, eyes on the road and other drivers, and both hands on the wheel.
?   Constantly look well ahead for changes in traffic or road conditions. If you see a lot of brake lights, slow down and be prepared to stop.

Check Your Common ‘Safety’ Sense Auto-Emergency

Don't speed.
Follow traffic rules, signs, and signals.
Don't drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or fatigue.
Stay at least two seconds behind the other driver, more in bad conditions.
Keep your eyes and attention on the road and other drivers.
Adjust your speed and driving to changing weather and traffic conditions.
Expect the unexpected.
Buckle up for safety.

Be prepared! And have a safe trip!

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