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How do Hurricanes relate to Extreme Heat?

This is Hurricane Preparedness Week and next week is Extreme Heat Week (May 23-27)... other than the fact that one immediately follows the other - there's another big safety concern connecting the two. Power.

heatwave=powerHurricanes have the potential to bring down power lines resulting in power outages. Power outages during periods of extreme heat can be dangerous, and even deadly. A study done by CDC found that over 650 people die each year from exposure to extreme heat.

Learn more: Blackouts & Brownouts: Prepare for Power Outages, Weather Ready Nation

Blackouts can last for days, interrupting source of food, water, and warmth Blackouts can last for days, interrupting source of food, water, and warmth

To address the risks presented by extreme heat events, federal departments and agencies are aggressively pursuing ways to help state, regional, tribal, and local communities prepare for potential extreme heat events this summer. Additionally, there is a great opportunity from the White House for you to learn more. You are invited to attend a briefing co-sponsored by the National Security Council and the Office of Science and Technology Policy on increasing community preparedness to extreme heat. This briefing will be conducted via a webinar, which may be accessed at  and will take place on May 26, 2016, from 2:00PM to 3:30PM EDT.

And in the event that you must evacuate due to a hurricane, never leave a child or pet inside a vehicle on a hot day ... not even for a moment. Even with cracked windows, interior vehicle temperatures can rise quickly within the first 10 minutes. "Look Before You Lock!dying of thurst

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