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This is Cute - Prepared Penguins: Tips for a Safe and Healthy Winter

penguin-dancingA little levity goes a long way. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has caught on with their Winter Cold Safety Campaign "Prepared Penguins: Tips for a Safe and Healthy Winter"

As the temperatures get colder, make sure you know how to stay warm. Don’t get caught winging it! The CDC has cute penguins with winter preparedness tips to help you be safe and healthy this winter.

Stay Chill around Ice

Walking on ice is dangerous and can cause serious falls on driveways, steps, and porches. Use rock salt or sand to melt the ice on driveways and sidewalks.If walking on ice can’t be avoided, walk like a penguin! Bend your back slightly and point your feet out – this increases your center of gravity. Stay flat-footed and take small steps or even shuffle for more stability. Keep your arms out to your sides to help balance.

Learn what else the Penguins have to say at the CDC
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Prep with the Penguins and be Winter Ready! Prep with the Penguins and be Winter Ready!
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