It's October! Fall, Fun - and Parties! Meow 078We always see a lot of "different" orders this time of year... creative a unique costume ideas - like soaking gauze rolls in black tea to "age" them for mummy wraps. Others go the easy route with elastic (ace) bandages, and the really creative go for the rainbow mummy look with our Sensi Wrap! Other big hits are our blood spill and personal protective equipment (masks, loves, gowns, booties) for those that want to "play doctor", our fun bandages to set the theme (Bigfoot, Jane Austen, kisses, crime scene and much more!) - it's amazing how many unique costumes we hear about... and smart, too - many do the "outback" or Wilderness Explorer" looks using real Wilderness Safety Gear... and then they still have it after for emergencies - same thing with our weird gadgets! Trauma-TimmyThen, of course, the haunted house and party decorators love our casualty simulation / moulage, our body bags, and Trauma Timmy!
Make yourself a Rainbow Mummy Costume! Make yourself a Rainbow Mummy Costume!