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Why Pay Retail?™ Sales, Closeouts, Discounts, While Supplies Last & Bargains! Nobody likes the word "Cheap" - it gives the idea of poor quality or cheesy imported stuff. Our First Aid Sale Items, Safety Product Sales, CPR Bargains & Disaster Survival Item closeouts and deals are all first quality - we're just making deals! First Aid Sale, Clearances, and Special Offers. Blow Out Deals on First Aid Supplies, CPR Supplies, Business Gifts and much more... Don't miss out on these great deals! Buy First Aid Cheap. When you need first aid for home or work, pay less and don't stress! $AVE!

Why Pay Retail?™ is our slogan, as we sell nothing at full retail, but these deals are even lower - MUCH lower!


  1. 99¢ & Under
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  3. Under $10
  4. Under $15
  5. Under $20
  6. 50% or more Off!
  7. 60% or more Off!
  8. 70% or more Off!
  9. 80% of more Off!
  10. While Supplies Last!
  11. BOGO (Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!)
  12. CPR Sale Items
  13. Sale Items for Businesses
  14. Current Season Specials
  15. Gift Packs


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