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Elephant Stuck in Community Swimming Pool

Authorities and Emergency Personnel in Kickapoo, KS struggled through the night to free Bernard, an African Elephant who wandered into the Kickapoo Community Center after unlocking the gate at the Kickapoo Explorer's Club Petting Zoo yesterday afternoon. Bernard climbed down into the Olympic size swimming pool but was unable to find his way back to the steps to get out.  Finally, the Leavenworth County Roads and Power Department brought a crane and with the help of this elephantine elevator, they were able to tug and pull the pathetic pachyderm from his confinement to safety.

Kickapoo Community Center officials assumed that Bernard had been after a drink and didn't realize the depth of the pool when climbing in, but when Kickapoo County Sheriff Noel Tolerance asked Barnard's keeper, Prudence Tusker, about the event, she replied "Well, knowing Bernard, he probably just figgered he'd just take a dip since he brought along his trunk."

Happy April Pools Day!


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