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French Fries

Happy National French Fries Day!


As if you needed any excuse to eat French fries, right?

Although the French fry did not technically originate in France (they're traced to Belgium
actually) the deep fried sticks have been made a delicacy in countries across the world. It's unknown when the first French Fries Day was initiated, however the holiday is pretty easy to
celebrate: order fries and eat them.

Whether you call them "chips" or "freedom fries" it's safe to say French fries are one thing that unites multiple parts of the world. Happy celebrating!

Speaking of around the world... what are some typical french fry condiments elsewhere? How about mayonnaise, pickles, horseradish, curry, anchovies (Ewww...) banana sauce, barbecue sauce, malt vinegar and more! Read more and Mental Floss:  French Fries Around the World

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