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I see Paris, I see France

Really Mom? OK, so we are all grown up now, and we get it… you wrapped up the underwear for under the tree ‘cause we needed it, and it made that many more “presents” to open – but in front of Aunt Sally and Cousin Jim? Embarrassing!

Well, you can still give practical gifts, but these presents can be both useful and still appreciated as the thoughtful gifts that they are!
In fact, these gift ideas give twice… your gift recipients will appreciate what a thoughtful and caring gift you gave when they receive it, and they will think about you and really appreciate it when it comes time to use it down the road, too!

Something for everyone on your list: Home, Auto, Family, Sports, Kids, Pets, even Mini First Aid Kits, Travel, Boat & Marine, Camping and Outdoor – if you want something a little more, see the American Red Cross or Survival and Emergency Preparedness gifts!

*HOLIDAY HINT* With all-purpose first aid kits available from about $5 each, why not wrap one or two extras and stick them in the hall closet – that way if someone that you weren’t expecting shows up bearing a gift, you already have one ready… just write their name on the label and hand it to them, so they know you thought of them, too!

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