Fall TrimThanks. Today is the day for saying Thanks. The day to Give Thanks. Each year, we try to explore the idea of thank-giving from a different perspective. As we wrap up our 23rd year of Saving Lives and Saving Money™, we decided to give thanks for some of the memories we have. There are many funny memories ("Your decorated bandages are defective, they are printed upside down!" "Ma'am, try this: Remove the bandage, turn it around, and reapply." "Oh, thanks! These really ought to come with directions that explain that.") There are sad memories ("I'd like to return an order I just received." "Certainly, I can help with that, may I ask if there was anything wrong with the order?" "No, everything was perfect, it's just that these were for my wife, and she passed away this weekend.") There are oh so many memories, many fun, many funky, and some not so fun - but it is probably the bittersweet memories that have affected us the most... In our business, we are directly involved in tragedies and disasters as they occur. We are grief-stricken and horrified along with every one else, but also drawn into the mix. During 9/11, Katrina, Sandy, and dozens of other world-shattering events, we have had the opportunity to become involved with the rescuers, victims, and survivors. From helping get rescue and emergency survival supplies to the affected areas to directly participating in evacuation and shelter efforts, we've had nigh on a quarter century to see the beauty of people helping one another. This is something we should all appreciate and be most thankful for.
image of harvest baskets Our Harvest of Memories is Bountiful