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Medicut Scalpels and Blades (Surgical Disposable & Sterile)

Medical Scalpel / Blade

Medicut™ Scalpels
(Disposable & Sterile) Disposable scalpels...for maximum safety, efficiency, and economy. Sterile...individual peel open pouch. Stainless steel blade. Length of the handle is 4.9” (125 mm).

Medicut™ Blades
(Surgical Disposable & Sterile). For guaranteed sharpness and exacting performance. Sterile...individually foil packaged. Stainless steel blade scalpel. Finely honed cutting edge. Gamma Sterilized scalpel.

Medicut™ Safety Scalpels
(Sterile). Satisfies regulatory guidelines for safe handling of sharp edges. Blade retracts with one simple motion and can be permanently locked inside the handle for safe disposal. Stainless steel blade for exacting performance. Packaged in individual pouches. Gamma Sterilized. Length of the handle is 4.9" (125 mm)

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