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New NWS Snow Squall Warning

One new NWS warning this year nationwide is a snow squall warning, which warns against short-lived bursts of heavy snowfall resulting in a rapid onset of near zero visibilities and slick roads. Snow squalls are often accompanied by gusty winds and have an intensity similar to short-term blizzard conditions.

A snowsquall (or snow squall) is a sudden moderately heavy snow fall with blowing snow and strong, gusty surface winds. It is often referred to as a whiteout and is similar to a blizzard but is localized in time or in location and snow accumulations may or may not be significant.

When arctic air moves over large expanses of warmer open waters in winter, convective clouds develop which cause heavy snow showers due to the large amount of moisture available. This occurs southwest of extratropical cyclones, with the curved cyclonic wind flow bringing cold air across the relatively warm Great Lakes which then leads to narrow lake-effect snow bands that can produce significant localized snowfall. Whiteout conditions will affect narrow corridors from shores to inland areas aligned along the prevailing wind direction.

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