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PRESTAN Professional AED Trainer

The Prestan Professional AED Trainer provides quality, durability, and affordability like no other trainer in the market

Clear, confident voice instructions that provide easy-to-follow directions and preconfigured scenarios make training students easier. These Prestan Professional AED Trainers are Compatible with any CPR manikin. They can be used to train in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions. Metronome and counts upward by 10’s ending at 30 to help the student with chest compressions. The single unit includes a three year warranty (4 pack of units includes 1 year warranty), training pads, batteries for the unit, instructions for use and a carrying case. The remote control is optional and available separately.

What the Prestan Professional AED Trainer includes

• English/Spanish capability
• Includes a scenario, volume control, and language button
• Includes 5 scenarios

• Pads can be used at least 25-30 times during CPR/AED classes
• Contains a pad testing system
• Pads are pre-connected

• Pads have an embedded ‘switch’ in the pad which senses that the AED Trainer pads are attached to the manikin torso
• The silicone base adhesive on the pads, coupled with the foam structure, ensure easy application & removal

• Module contains most up to date guidelines and language capability
• When guidelines change, only the module needs to be replaced

• Simulate loose pad
• Initiate “Press Deeper”
during CPR
• Paues, play or stop
• Volume, language and
scenario control

Learn more about which AED trainer suits your training needs:
Click here to see the Prestan AED Trainer information above as a downloadable PDF

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