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Tips for Using Hand Sanitizer and Washing Hands

Make sure you wash your hands throughout the day. No place is germ-free, so washing your hands regularly is important. It is the first line of defense against the everyday germs. Be sure to use soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with warm water. Most advise scrubbing your hands for 1-2 minutes. Try avoiding going out when you are sick. If you own a handkerchief you are walking around with germs in your pocket. Avoid handkerchiefs and stick to disposable products such as pocket tissues.

Avoid close contact with people. You might not realize who they have made contact with or if they may be sick. This will also to prevent other people from getting sick if you have caught a virus.

Sounds selfish but, do not share your food and drinks with people, chips, and sweets especially. Also, avoid sharing things such as towels. Use disposable tissues or let your hands air-dry instead.

Try to avoid touching your mouth, or rubbing your nose and eyes. If you have the flu virus you will be giving it an opportunity to affect others if they touch surfaces which you have touched.

If you have the flu virus, take precautions when coughing. Cough into your elbow instead of your palms. If you cough into your hands will be infecting the surfaces around you when you touch them, putting others at risk.

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