These wipes are like night and day. The improved formula allows for faster streak-free drying time!

We've talked about the Safetec Cleaner Wipes a few times before so this time we'll give you some tips on how to clean glass or plastic with these wipes. Don't you love the feeling when you put on your glasses after cleaning and enjoy clear vision again? Or, how about smudgy monitors? Here's how to clean them: CLEANING EYEGLASSES WITH OUR WIPES If you have to clean your eyeglass lenses quickly, Safetec lens wipes are the perfect solution. They are small, handy and always immediately ready for use: 1) Always take some lens cleaning wipes with you. 2) Open the lens wipe but keep it folded. 3) Wipe the folded wipe over each side of both lenses. 4) Unfold the lens wipe. 5) Wipe it thoroughly over lenses. 6) Enjoy clear vision again! CLEANING MONITORS AND MOBILE DEVICES WITH OUR WIPES 1) It is only safe to use a soft lint-free cloth for this job. 2) These are non-corrosive & non-abrasive wipes which makes it a great product for this job. 3) Unfold the cleaner wipe. 4) Wipe it thoroughly over the surface area of the monitor or device. 5) Enjoy clear a smudge-free screen again!