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Touchless InfraRed Thermometers for everyone's safety

Image of LED display Infrared Thermometer, white with purple trim.

Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Dual Thermometer, °C & °F,
FDA Approved

  • Non Contact and 1 Second Measurement: One-button fast temperature measurement.
  • Multiple Scale Thermometer: Switch between °C or °F to measure in the scale you prefer.
  • Measuring distance is 1-5cm (0.4" - 2"). Non-contact infrared measurement, avoid transmitting any bacteria/virus.
  • Auto-Shutdown: For power saving and longer battery life.

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The CDC recommends Infrared Thermometers, for safer screening.

Checking for “new” or “unexpected” symptoms is an important part of workplace safety. Especially a fever (100.4°F) or feeling feverish (chills, sweating).

Assuring all parties are safe should be your primary goal – wear gloves, if making personal contact, wear facial coverings, and use an infrared thermometer if available to avoid direct contact.

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