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Travel Safety


Whether traveling locally, inter-state, or internationally, plan for a safe trip or potentially have your fun spoiled.

Do some research before heading out and consider health risks, from flu to zika to intestinal issues in the area you are headed. Find out what the healthcare availability is. In some countries, the national insurance will cover and injury or illness to travelers - others not.

insuranceThe CDC recommends travelers' health insurance as a good idea to cover any surprises. In fact, they say that if you are planning an international trip, there are 3 types of insurance you should consider: trip cancellation insurance, travel health insurance, and medical evacuation insurance. These will cover different situations and may give you financial peace of mind, as well as allowing for safe and healthy travel.

Another concern is basic first aid - what you take for granted here may not be readily available in other places - from over-the-counter medications, to topical treatments, to insect repellents and sting relief (often desperately needed during travels, yet hard to find).

We always recommend that whether traveling to the next town or across the planet you carry enough of any prescription medications to last twice the estimated travel time, and carry extra items you might not always need at home, like hydrocortisone cream (great for rashes caused by unfamiliar detergents used in hotel bedding) and antihistimines - you never know what "new exposures" may cause.

Travel-First-AidDomestic & International Travel Safety Emergency Kits: Illness or injury can ruin a trip, so whenever you travel away from home, it is essential that you have a Travel first aid kit. Make sure you have all the resources you need to stay healthy -- or in the case of a bump or bruise, to make sure you can administer self-care and get back to exploring. Too many travelers assume the over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies we find in any drug store will be available on their journeys - this is often not the case, so bring a first aid kit specifically designed for traveling! To enable you to cope if a more significant health problem interrupts your travels, your first aid kit should also contain items to help you treat injuries and reduce symptoms of illness for a period of time until you can get further medical attention. Don't miss the Dental Medic Kit (a must for travelers) and the Suture Syringe kit. Also see Travel Kits for Pets!

Travel First Aid Kits - For adventure into the jungle or across town: Be ready with your traveling first aid pack!

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