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How to Manage OSHA Inspections and Investigations

Perhaps of all of the interactions that occur with regulatory agencies, the unannounced OSHA inspection is the most stressful, and least understood by business owners. The key to managing a surprise OSHA Inspection or a letter of complaint directed at your company is to understand what the process is and what the OSHA inspectors are looking for.

Some "Easy Steps to Avoid OSHA Issues" include:

• Make sure to OSHA Records are always up to date
• Have OSHA Compliant First Aid kits and Cabinets stocked and ready
• Keep staff current on Safety Training


Accident Investigation - OSHA Safety Training: "Accidents will happen". We have all heard that statement before. Unfortunately, sometimes it is true. In spite of our best efforts, things occasionally do go wrong. While many accidents seem to happen for obvious reasons, there may be things that contribute to an accident which are not always apparent. That is why it is vital to conduct a thorough Accident Investigation.

Our training products on "Accident Investigation" show employees steps that are taken in an accident investigation, and highlight how important it is for employees to fully cooperate with any inquiry. They also point out that while an investigation's focus is to determine the cause of an accident, the overall goal is to prevent similar accidents from happening again. The topics covered in the products include:

  • ~ The goals of an accident investigation.
  • ~ Securing an accident scene.
  • ~ "Root-cause" analysis.
  • ~ The importance of investigative interviews.
  • ~ Assisting in an accident investigation.
  • ~ Reporting the "near misses".
  • ~ The role of policies, equipment and training on accident prevention.
  • ,,,and more.

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Consider the "triggers" and events that occur during an inspection by OSHA. Learn ways to mitigate the results of an inspection, and the consequences of an inspection. Fines and possible penalties are also discussed.

Know the reasons for an OSHA inspection and ways to attempt to prevent an inspection from occurring. However, should an inspection occur, manage an inspection to reduce the negative results that may occur, as well reducing penalties and fines. Know the current fees associated with the various types of findings in an OSHA inspection.

What is the process is for an OSHA inspection? How should you respond to a letter of complaint?  Research the helpful resources at OSHA provided so that business owners and safety personnel have a better understanding and feel more in control of the situation when OSHA inspectors arrive at on-site, especially if they arrive unannounced.

Points to consider:

• Steps to take to avoid an OSHA Inspection
• Understand the reasons for an OSHA Inspection
• Understand what the inspector will do during the inspection
• Help you understand how employees and unions fit into the inspection
• Learn what to expect during an OSHA visit
• Decide how to conduct yourself during a surprise inspection
• Steps to take to avoid as many problems as possible during the inspection
• Steps to take immediately following the inspection

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