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Training for New Emergency Managers

While every new Safety Manager needs an OSHA Dictionary, and the OSHA Safety Orders... there's a lot more to it than that!

OSHA DictionaryFEMA’s National Emergency Management Basic Academy is the entry point for individuals pursuing a career in emergency management. The Basic Academy offers the tools to develop comprehensive foundational skills needed in emergency management. For those who are new to emergency management, the Basic Academy also provides a unique opportunity to build camaraderie, to establish professional contacts, and to understand the roles, responsibilities, and legal boundaries associated with emergency management.

The Basic Academy curriculum consists of five courses: Foundations of Emergency Management; Science of Disaster; Planning: Emergency Operations; Exercise Design; and Public Information and Warning. Upcoming courses in the program are Science of Disaster, a three-day, 24-hour training being held August 8-10, followed by the Planning course, a two-day, 16-hour training being offered August 11-12. Applications for both courses are due by June 27. The courses will be delivered by the Emergency Management Institute at FEMA’s National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland. For more information, visit the EMI website or send an email to Note: courses may be taken even when participants are not planning to receive a Basic Academy certification.

The Basic Academy is the first of a three-level Academy series in the Emergency Management Professional Program (EMPP). The EMPP curriculum is designed to provide a lifetime of learning for emergency management professionals and includes three separate, but closely threaded, training programs. The program builds from the Basic Academy to the National Emergency Management Advanced Academy, a program to develop the next generation of emergency management leaders who are trained in advanced concepts and issues, advanced leadership and management, and critical thinking and problem solving. The EMPP culminates in the National Emergency Management Executive Academy, a program designed to challenge and enhance the talents of the nation’s emergency management senior executives through critical thinking, visionary strategic planning, challenging conventional concepts, and negotiation and conflict resolution applied to complex real-world problems.

Emergency management professionals should visit for more information about which academy best suits their needs.

OSHA Dictionary

This is the OSHA reference book every safety professional needs. This one-of-a-kind book contains ALL the terms and definitions from OSHA 29 CFR Parts 1903, 1904, 1910, and 1926 (inspections, recordkeeping, general industry, and construction). Look up a term and discover its different definitions in various sections of OSHA. For instance, "competent person" has 6 different definitions from 9 different OSHA regulations, and each one is listed. The definitions are also followed by the section and paragraph number of the regulations from which they were taken. Important related tables and illustrations have been included to aid in understanding.

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