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300 log

  • OSHA Recordkeeping Compliance: Completing and Maintaining the OSHA 300 Log

    OSHA Log Books, Update Services & Regulations - Federal OSHA 29 / CFR Standards OSHA Log Books, Update Services & Regulations - Federal OSHA 29 / CFR Standards

    Confusion among employers over which forms should be used to initially report injuries and illness, and those that should be used for submission to OSHA or the proper reporting agency may result in problems. Any gaps in your OSHA 300 log can trigger OSHA inquiries or even inspections.

    Accurate reporting is imperative, and is a good tool to use in determining problem areas in the company’s business operation. So, prepare now to fill in the missing information as soon as possible.

    OSHA 1910 GENERAL INDUSTRY & OSHA 1926 CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: As an employer, one of your top priorities and responsibilities is to make sure that your company is staying compliant with OSHA Mandates and protecting your workforce. CFR Title 29 - Labor are the principle set of rules and regulations issued by federal agencies used for protecting the workforce in our country. We offer an abundance of products and materials that pertain to two major parts of CFR Title 29: OSHA 1910 General Industry and OSHA 1926 Construction Industry. These products, many which come in book and CD-ROM form, are key in helping you make sure you as a safety professional stay OSHA compliant with the most up to date safety and health information in both General Industry and Construction. Among Compliance Kits, logbooks and OSHA Dictionaries,we also have Update Services, which allow you the luxury to stay current with the ever changing federal labor regulations!

    Federal OSHA 29 CFR 1910 & 1926

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