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  • 4th of July Sale

    That's right - we're continuing the celebration of our Nation's Independence by saving you U.S. Dollars on all your Summer and Safety Needs!
    What does Summer mean to you? Travel? Beach & Sun? Boating? Sports? Camping & Outdoor? Whatever your summer pastimes, we've got your needs covered so you can play it safe!
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    To get you started - try our SALE items, or these categories below! Don't forget the EXTRA 10% off when you add the code to your cart!

    Every summer has its own stories. These summer safe products will help keep the unlucky stories at bay.

    Here comes the bright hot sun, the summer season has begun. Gear-up your pool with this before you jump in.

    Be sure not to fizzle when the summer starts to sizzle. Keep your skin cool with our sun protection products.

    Grass stains, flip flops, and bugs! You can do without one this summer and these products will help.

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    The (Not So) Fine Print

    Offer expires midnight 07/07/22 - Available Online at or Toll Free (800) 933-8495 - Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or incentives. Offer cannot be applied to completed orders. While supplies last, offer subject to substitution or change without notice, call with questions or for further details.

    *Note: "Sparkler" code excludes Free Shipping Items, Fundraiser Kits, Laerdal, Life/Oxygen Products, Simulaids & a few already WAY below cost clearance items.

  • Summer Sun Fun Deals - Mud, Bugs, & BBQ

    SUMMER SUN & FUN DEALS ~ Whether at the Beach, Camping, or just out & about this Season- We've got some special offers you won't want to pass up. Unbelievable deals on all your Summer Essentials in our "Mud, Bugs & BBQ" Summer deals!

    HURRY - If you order before July 30th, 2021 and enter code "MudBugsBBQ" in your cart (or at checkout) & then select "Standard Shipping" at checkout you'll also get FREE GROUND SHIPPING* on any order over $49!



    • Have you ever visited an Outhouse or Public Restroom that was so GROSS you wondered if you were better off using the bushes?
    • Have you ever stuck your hand or arm in Who-Knows-What on a Picnic Table or when you were out and about?

    Hand Sanitizers, Germicide, and Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes -
    Great for Quick clean ups & icky stuff - various solutions effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.
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    • Beach Bag
    • Picnic Basket
    • Car
    • Purse
    • Wallet
    • Desk
    • Briefcase
    • Lunchbox
    • Anywhere! Everywhere!

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    3% - 68% Off!!



    Watch out for Summer ITCH & OUCH...
    DEET, Picaridin, and other effective Insect repellents in sprays and wipes! BUT REMEMBER: When do most people think about applying Insect Repellent? After they've been bitten or stung - Get your Insect Sting Relief products in easy applicator or wipes for year-round temporary relief of stings, pain, and itching due to most non-venomous insect bites. These also help reduce swelling.
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    9% - 71% Off!!



    • Campfire?
    • Barbecue?
    • Summer Burns aren't only from the Sun!

    Burn Care - First Aid Treatment for Burns & Fire Safety Supplies: Burn Care Products and Fire Safety Supply including Burn Care First Aid Kits, Burn Care Products, Fire Blankets, Water Gel Wraps, Water Gel, S.T.A.R.T Burn Care Unit, Burn Sprays, Burn Cream & Dressings. Everything you need to treat burns!
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    11% - 85% Off!!

    More Sizzling Summer Deals!


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    The (Not So) Fine Print

    Offers expire on 7/30/2021 Available Online at or Toll Free (800) 933-8495 - Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or incentives. Offer cannot be applied to completed orders. Offer excludes Cold Packs, Fundraising First Aid kits, Laerdal, Life/Oxygen Products, Simulaids, and a few already WAY below cost clearance items. While supplies last, offer subject to substitution, or change without notice, call with questions or for further details.
    *Free Ground Shipping offer only valid in the 48 Contiguous US States.

  • Be Aware of the Summer Bacteria and Viruses

    With Summer comes barbecues, the beach, and of course the playground. Fact is, germs love Summer too! Some of our favorite summertime activities and hot spots are also breeding grounds for germs. Stay armed during the summer with a Hand Sanitizer Squeeze Bottle it will come in handy when enjoying these summertime pastimes.

    The Swimming Pool

    While you’re enjoying the swimming pool, a parasite called cryptosporidium could be swimming right next to you. Crypto is a chlorine-tolerant parasite that survives in a chlorinated pool for up to 10 days.

    Also, the CDC reports one in five Americans swim while experiencing diarrhea, which can heavily contaminate water with crypto and make other swimmers sick.

    Chlorine doesn't necessarily kill all germs and bacteria in pools. Use Hand Sanitizer in between jumping in. Also, make sure you shower thoroughly after swimming.

    The Playground

    Kids really love this place but it also doubles as a germ playground.

    A recent study shows 60 playgrounds in four states (Maryland, Virginia, New York, and Washington) found 59 types of germs that could make children seriously ill. The list of substances found included E.coli, Salmonella, fecal matter, hepatitis A, and Shigella.

    The best way to rid these germs & protect your kids against harmful playground bacteria is good hygiene. For kids, nothing kills germs faster and more completely than washing hands and using Hand Sanitizer after playing.

    The Grill

    Leaving your grill outside and exposed to the harmful elements of summer is a recipe for disaster. For example, a flock of birds flying next to your grill looking for food.

    Even if you clean bird droppings off your grill, the heat grilling creates alone cannot guarantee all viruses and bacteria will be killed.

    Another exmple is small animals, who are attracted by the smell of grills and can get caught inside the grill and die. If you don’t notice them, the resulting smoke and flames of grilling can cause your meat or vegetables to be contaminated. Keep your grill covered and stored indoors!

    Protect yourself from these Summer threats: Dangerous germs, bacteria and potential viruses. With good hygiene and smart planning, you can avoid the germs of summer.


    Dirty Hands Can Spread Infections
    Ready for Mud, Bugs, and BBQ?
    Summer is almost here, are you ready?

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