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  • Boating Essentials for Fun & Safety

    We all know the basics when you head out on the water, right? Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses - check. Life jacket, first aid kit - check. Now what else?

    Boat and marine safety require specialized equiment Boating & Marine First Aid Kits
    Boat, Marine, & Coast Guard First Aid Kits - Adventure Medical, Lifeline and more:
    Boat, Boating and Marine First Aid Kits. Life Boat Kits with waterproof packaging. Handy Soft pack boat first aid kits - Inner waterproof bags keep contents dry; reflective piping on outer bag makes the kit easy to find in the dark. The U.S. Coast Guard recommends these features for boating safety and marine vessels... Marine Safety means Safe Boating!
    We offer the most complete selections of Marine first aid kits & Boat first aid kits. Whether a part of your marine survival kit, or just to make sure you have everything on your marine first aid kit list, these boat emergency kits were designed with the marine first aid kit contents lists needed to meet marine first aid kit requirements.

    How about ponchos in case of a sudden squall? (and there are many, many, many other uses for ponchos, too)

    Motion Sickness tablets are a must-have. Even the most seaworthy mermaid can get queasy when the seas get angry.

    Fire on water? More common than you think - be sure you have a small, full charged fire extinguisher on board.

    While you may have marine radio on board, bring your cell phone, too - but a hint: seal it in a zipper top/water proof bag.

    You never have too many drinks, or too much food - think about how to keep it cool and water-tight, but don't skimp - not only does fresh air and activity stimulate the appetite, but you could get stranded or caught out longer than planned. Got enough water? Now double it.

    Paper towels and trash bags - here's another category where we have to say "Got enough? Double it."

    What else? Even if heading out for a quick morning or mid-day cruise, bring sweaters or light jackets, extra towels, and flashlights... even a few emergency blankets - they are small and cheap and have many uses beyond warmth such as emergency signalling or wrapping things up.

    Not sure about bringing something? Thinking "Aw - we probably won't need that, and there isn't a lot of extra space on the boat." Bring it - you won't regret it if you have it, but might if you don't.

    This is no means a comprehensive list of boating essential, but some food for thought. Think about your own needs and plans and assure you're covered from top to bottom before you sail off into the sunset (speaking of bottom, don't forget to bring along personal hygiene and sanitation supplies!)

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