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  1. Burn Time
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    Burn Time

    This year, for Burn Awareness Week, the focus is on scalds. Scalds are a painful and unusual type of burn. The length of contact with the scalding substance, and the temperature are the main factors affecting scald severity. The clothes on which a substance is spilled retain heat until they are removed. The nature of the substance matters. The stickier...
  2. Tips on Treating Chemical Burns
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    Tips on Treating Chemical Burns

    Call 9-1-1 or EMS immediately. Gently brush away any excess powdered chemicals from the skin, being careful not to get the chemical on you or elsewhere on the casualty. Be especially careful of the eye area. Immediately flush the remaining chemicals off the burned area with copious amounts of running water for at least 15-20 minutes. Use a shower, hose...

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