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  1. Ring of Fire
    Categories: Burn Care First Aid

    Ring of Fire

    We spent a lot of time this week discussing scalds from steam and hot liquids for Burn Awareness Week, but remember that there are other kitchen burns that occur very frequently... While Tap water and Steam burn in the kitchen, boiling water on your cooktop often is what created that steam and also splashes to create scald injuries. Remember, too,  that...
  2. Burn Time
    Categories: Burn Care First Aid

    Burn Time

    This year, for Burn Awareness Week, the focus is on scalds. Scalds are a painful and unusual type of burn. The length of contact with the scalding substance, and the temperature are the main factors affecting scald severity. The clothes on which a substance is spilled retain heat until they are removed. The nature of the substance matters. The stickier...
  3. Burns and Scalds in the Kitchen
    Categories: Burn Care First Aid & Child Safety

    Burns and Scalds in the Kitchen

    Whether a professional kitchen or a home kitchen, burns and scalds occur more frequently than any other type of injury (even more than cuts.) During Burn Awareness Week, we thought it an appropriate time to cover some burn-related kitchen safety tips. KITCHEN SAFETY ~ Use oven mitts, not towels, to handle hot pots & pans. ~ Use caution when cooking...
  4. Burn Awareness Week Video and Information
    Categories: Burn Care First Aid

    Burn Awareness Week Video and Information

    Burns are a common and commonly dismissed type of injury we try to focus on throughout the year. During Burn Awareness Week, we remind you that it can happen in a flash, with a splash... liquid and steam burn like fire and It takes only 2 seconds of exposure to 148°F/64°C water to cause a burn serious enough to require surgery! How...
  5. Burn Awareness Week
    Categories: Burn Care First Aid

    Burn Awareness Week

    Today is the first day of National Burn Awareness Week. While we've shared information about How to Treat Thermal Burns, burn awareness is about recognizing the dangers of burns, and planning to avoid them in the first place. While workplace safety and OSHA requirements call for burn safety training and engineering controls to help raise awareness and reduce burn injuries - at...
  6. Categories: First Aid & Burn Care First Aid

    General Burn First Aid Information

    Burns can result from heat (thermal burn), electricity, or exposure to chemicals. The majority of burns should be seen by a doctor. Some first-degree burns, such as mild sun burn, can be treated without doctor care. Never apply home remedies such as butter or baking soda to a burn. Many ointments and home remedies applied topically actually trap the heat...

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