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    Cuts, Scrapes & Burns Shouldn't Put You On The Sidelines

    Safetec® First Aid & Burn CreamCuts, Scrapes & Burns Shouldn't Put You On The Sidelines. Find relief for cuts, scrapes, and burns this Summer with First Aid Burn Cream! Helps relieve pain and protects cuts, scrapes and burns against contamination. First Aid & Burn Cream is non-greasy and non-irritating. Keep them in your purse, backpack, pocket or glove compartment. Great...
  2. Burn Awareness Week Video and Information
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    Burn Awareness Week Video and Information

    Burns are a common and commonly dismissed type of injury we try to focus on throughout the year. During Burn Awareness Week, we remind you that it can happen in a flash, with a splash... liquid and steam burn like fire and It takes only 2 seconds of exposure to 148°F/64°C water to cause a burn serious enough to require surgery! How...
  3. Burn Awareness Week
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    Burn Awareness Week

    Today is the first day of National Burn Awareness Week. While we've shared information about How to Treat Thermal Burns, burn awareness is about recognizing the dangers of burns, and planning to avoid them in the first place. While workplace safety and OSHA requirements call for burn safety training and engineering controls to help raise awareness and reduce burn injuries - at...
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    General Burn First Aid Information

    Burns can result from heat (thermal burn), electricity, or exposure to chemicals. The majority of burns should be seen by a doctor. Some first-degree burns, such as mild sun burn, can be treated without doctor care. Never apply home remedies such as butter or baking soda to a burn. Many ointments and home remedies applied topically actually trap the heat...

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